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Paper Magazine: A Night Out With The Maddens

Benji and Joel Madden roll with the punches and, in this case, those punches involve not getting the sushi they’ve been planning on eating all day long. Outside the hip sushi eatery Sugarfish on La Brea Avenue, the Madden brothers learn that their dining companion/reporter doesn’t eat fish. “No way, we’re eating somewhere else,” Benji says with conviction. “We’re not going to eat somewhere you can’t eat. No chance.” 

That’s when the identical twins face one another, strike their signature cross-armed pose and brainstorm restaurant ideas. Eventually, they decide on a nearby favorite named Mercado. Their insistence feels much like older brothers making sure their kid sister gets enough to eat. 

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My favorite hue is JayZ Blue 🐝


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Nicole Richie: “REGRAM 🌞 Are you following @houseofharlow1960 yet? #HouseOfHarlow” (

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We see what you did there, Nicole ;) 

Tune in TONIGHT for an all new Candidly Nicole + 10PM/9C!

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namelessgem: Gorge weekend at the lux hotel 💜

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Knit one row a day for a year, matching the yarn color to the color of the sky that day.

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